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LionKing FanClub
Personal Quote: The king, has returned
The King of all clubs has returned!

Current Lion King club news
:bulletgreen: Club was re-opened on February 26th 2004
:bulletgreen: Contest ideas going around
:bulletgreen: New Club Avatar needed
:bulletgreen: The Lion King was released on DVD with all new song "morning report" performed by Zazu and Simba
:bulletgreen: The Lion King 3 released in Australia
:bulletgreen: Reached 200 Members


How To Join
:bulletred: Send a note to us here at lionking-fanclub
:bulletred: Lion King art is not required in your gallery
:bulletred: Asking to join on the main page may NOT get you into the club

Rules of Joining</u>
:bulletred: You must be a Lion King Fan.
:bulletred: Members are highly encouraged to comment on submissions.
:bulletred: Members are highly encouraged to add the club to their Friends List to keep up with contests and submissions.
:bulletred: Members are highly encouraged to indicate your membersip in your signature/journal or My Friends list (only for subscribers).

To Submit
:bulletred: Please send a note with the deviation[s] link and permission to us here at lionking-fanclub.

:bulletblue: Lion King Fan Club FAQs coming soon

There will be TWO contest going to start our contests off.
They will be to design a lionking fan club ID and to draw your own Lion Cub.

ID Details:
Maximum width 400 pixels [can be transparent]
If original art work is used please make sure to have ALL/FULL permission details attached.
It can be of any medium
It can be any Lion King Character
It must clearly contain our join date April 24 2003, and club name.
Deviation title must contain TLKC1

TLKC1 will close June 30th 2004 [if anyone needs any more time please let us know]

Submitting to the club</u>:
If you want to submit your entry directly to the lionking-fanclub account, please send us a note with full permission details and a link to the deviation.


Lion Cub Details:
Maximum size 800 x constrained
It can be of any medium, drawn, vector, painting
The lion cub you must draw is what you think Kovu and Kiara's Cub would look like [if they had one], it must be drawn for the contest and must be your own work. This contest idea thanks to minnesotawildgurl17
Deviation title must contain TLKC1

TLKC2 will close June 30th 2004 [if anyone needs any more time please let us know]

Submitting to the club</u>:
If you want to submit your entry directly to the lionking-fanclub account, please send us a note with full permission details and a link to the deviation.


Please bare with us as we add all new members to the journal. If you are not mentioned in the list, please note us. Sorry it has taken so long to reply to you all

Pride Leaders

The Pride!!

aurorabriefs, alphaleo14, augustmelody, HondaFox
antojlareneg, artemispanthar, ayellowsubmarine, arazia
aoibara, akelataka, Arabelle, anuvia,
aeonmistress, anelalani, Wulfgnar, astasia,
AmeNiSlytherin, ailil, arinaca, Amneco,
AnsemTheGreat, AbsiTut

blue-phoenix, BlizzardWolf, badnekogirlxp, blanca2d3dmaster
bovidaeloony, -basketcase-, balaa, bellflower,
bellbottombluz, badnekogirlxp, bittykitty, brukaoru,

corruptedangel, capana, chikajin, DonoVanDine
coralyoshi, chival, Char-Char, CommanderD,
ClosetNerd, CunningFox, coolcoolkat

darkpyro, Ravendyn, daisy7, D2Diamond,
DiscoDancing, dukeluke, DivineNanaki, DarkFeather,
dioachan, Demoness-Sare

enjeruchan, Eltharion, elvishchick, Ebudae,
EmilyTenshi, elephantango

freysiota, foxyfennec, fireangel666, fahari,
Fera-V, fantasydreamer, forgottensun, Faux-raven,

guardianess, ClaraMFerreira

hinsley, huricandikane, hippotragusniger, holay,
honeyb, HAWKins17, Hoshilight-Gazer, hermionechan, HannahsDefense, horselover, hyperdingo,

ichabodkitty, idigull, imerald, invaderjulie

Robo-Shark, jamierocket, Jenny-Jen, jerithsgirl
jet3270, jab0600, jamilla, jessieyasha,

KylieKeene, xKaseix, kaliko-rosa, kendre,
kittykt, kelticdragon, kati-kitani-st, kon-el,
kayku, Kitty17794, karadarkthorn, kimmychic6,
Kala-Misfit, Kikala, kelizeee

lp-unicorn, lavonne, lancaster49, lurver,
likeshine, lilavulpes, luvydove, lxs,
liquidonyx, LwInG-Wulf, lijlover8, love4me,
littlewildcat, JezzKitty, lemurcat

KoudoawaiaVortex, moon-dragon, maharetkitty, malta
maxxxor, meowthgal, Huskion, merrypaws,
Kayju7, miggea, MysticTiger618, MellySandshrew, ToxicStarStudio, miss-zephira, moonflicker,
Mitsuka, Matrixbabe

NyssaCreative, neongreywords, pinknikki, nekokitsuneryo,
nifer, Nikori, Nikart, emily-lorange,
NightShadow303, NEPi, NL-4NeonLight

onnanoko, oliveliketoriot

plastenarf, StarrenPiece, phlynchstar, proud2bjunkie,
pokemonica, PunkyRebelRock1, phawkes,Painful-Innocence,

rocketfemme, julianwilbury, ratha, roonie-roe,
raccoonlady, rickchick, risha

souerlemon, shasta-ice, shonenjump, sefina
stargazer04, sarafaena, senshuu, staccato
siredspike, silverauraangel, sami-lioness, sweetflower
sayokaze, shahila, synchra, saymoon7,
syminka, ShatteringGlass, saroberos, skinnylittleschitzo,
sassyfrazzy, Digi-Muse, sunkissedone,
spectraldagger, silver-huskies, ShadowCrawler,
Shadow-Goddess, SeCretSmile, ShadowdSanity,
StarBuster, sweetSaKuRa

thanoodles, tauakhera, tsukona, taro-maru
tigon, Twiztid-Reality-X, TwilightStar, Teenzica,
Zentina, Taraja

Gitzyrulz, underdawg


wingsforflying, winterfalcon, wolfenashes, whitewolf89,
wolfenashes, Wolfgirl-Antartica, wolvenillusion, WolfHowlofDeath, White-Flag

xanahti, xladyfx, xanthin, XxTortured-LuvelyxX,

zimmydrawer7, LadyZolstice, zoic, zefni


Current Pride Count: 243
Bold = :new: members


Pride Owner</u>

batb-club, nintendo-fc, info-desk, crikey, brisvegas, da-agon
All Lion King Logos and Characters © Disney

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